Join the Family Health Lab

Honours Student

Dr. Gagnon will be accepting 1-2 honours students for the 2018-2019 academic year. If you are interested in joining the FHL as an honours student, please email Dr. Gagnon with your CV, unofficial transcript, a sample of your writing (e.g., course paper), and a statement highlighting why you are interested in doing research in the FHL.

Graduate Students

Dr. Gagnon will be accepting a graduate student for the 2018-2019 academic year. Applicants who have or plan to apply for Tri-Council funding are of particular interest. Potential applicants are encouraged to contact Dr. Gagnon to indicate their interest prior to submitting an application. Please visit the University of Saskatchewan, Department of Psychology website for application requirements and deadlines.

Research Assistants

Dr. Gagnon is currently seeking a research assistant. Potential applicants should have a completed undergraduate degree in psychology or a related field. Interested applicants are asked to email a copy of their resume to Dr. Gagnon.


Interested in gaining research experience in the FHL? We are always recruiting highly motivated, organized, and dependable students to help with our ongoing research projects. Potential volunteers should email a copy of their CV and unofficial transcript to Dr. Gagnon. Applications are accepted year round.